60′ min 

Experience a unique and transformative approach to Pilates that will make you feel not just more robust, longer, and leaner but also relieved of physical tension and mental stress. With our unique way, we make it possible for people of any age or fitness level to achieve their goals. Our individualized programs are designed with one intent in mind: to help you find your physical peak and live an extraordinary life!

Challenge your body

Pilates is a great way to improve your daily activities by focusing on proper form and alignment. This activity can help you get in shape quickly while correcting any posture issues causing discomfort or injury. Our experienced staff knows how it’s done right, stands by your side for all of those challenges, and guides you with patience through your way to excellence!

Personal Pilates training (1v1) in our place

45 €

Please contact us in case you want to book an appointment at your place.

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At “ANIMA Fitness and Wellness”, a beautiful and warm environment, as well as a rejuvenating experience that you will remember for a long time, awaits you. So, listen to your body needs and book your appointment today.