Personal Training

60′ min 

Our exceptional team of personal trainers will inspire and motivate your body and mind. Practice challenging and high-energy exercises, Trx training, HIIT, posture stretching & mobility, functional training etc.

Create a seamless path to fitness

Personal training can be the perfect way to reach your fitness goals. Whether you want help with weight loss or just getting back into shape, our experienced staff will ensure that the process feels manageable and exciting. So, challenge yourself today and reach new heights at no time!

Personal training (1v1) in our place

45 €

Please contact us in case you want to book an appointment at your place.

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At “ANIMA Fitness and Wellness”, a beautiful and warm environment, as well as a rejuvenating experience that you will remember for a long time, awaits you. So, listen to your body needs and book your appointment today.