Deep Tissue Massage

This type of massage deals with chronic aches, pains, and contracted areas such as leg muscles tightness, shoulder pain, low back pain, and stiff neck and back. Our Deep Tissue Massage will release these tight muscles and reduce stress and toxins from your body. 

A powerful and in-depth therapy

For a unique experience of revitalization and well-being for your body, all you have to do is choose a deep tissue massage. Observe your body getting rid of chronic pain and restoring the calmness and relief it needs. Trust our experienced masseurs for an experience you definitely won’t regret!

In our place

70 € 

Please contact us in case you want to book an appointment at your place.

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At “ANIMA Fitness and Wellness”, a beautiful and warm environment, as well as a rejuvenating experience that you will remember for a long time, awaits you. So, listen to your body needs and book your appointment today.