The Ultimate Fitness and Wellness Experience

Professional fitness & wellness services for hotels, villas, and yachts, as well as in our own fitness center in Corfu.

The Ultimate Health and Wellness Experience

Professional fitness & wellness services for hotels, villas, and yachts, as well as in our own fitness center in Corfu.

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ANIMA Fitness and Wellness

Treat your body and soul to an unparalleled journey of relaxation with ANIMA Fitness and Wellness. Our professional staff brings the highest quality massage and fitness services directly to you, wherever that may be – from luxurious villas, yachts, or private houses all the way down to our very own premises!


Anima Fitness & Wellness

A few minutes outside the town centre of Corfu you can find Anima: a place of fitness, movement and positive energy. At Anima Fitness & Wellness you can also experience a rejuvenating massage and relax.


Massage Services

At “ANIMA Fitness and Wellness,” our goal is to offer you a wellness and rejuvenation getaway. For us, massage is more than body relaxation: it is the answer to the need of our body and soul for revitalization! Therefore, our massage services are designed with love, professionalism, and respect, to meet your specific requirements. With our assistance, you will be able to drive away stress and pressure, relieve physical pain, treat your skin, and experience a unique experience simply by choosing the program that meets your needs. ANIMA’s experienced and specialized massage therapists can guarantee you an unforgettable journey to wellness and relaxation


Wellness Services

At “ANIMA Fitness and Wellness,” one of our fundamental principles is that physical health is directly related to mental health. Therefore, our specialized wellness services offer you the opportunity to cultivate your body skills and improve your physical condition. At the same time, you can reduce stress and enhance your mood.

Our wellness services include pilates, yoga, boxing, tennis, or sessions with a personal trainer for a more targeted outcome. So, leave yourself in the experienced hands of our specialized trainers and enjoy a well-being experience that has the power to transform your everyday life!


Mobile services

You can enjoy a holistic healthcare approach from the comfort of your own place –villa, yacht or your home – offered by our perfectly-trained therapists and trainers in Corfu.



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At “ANIMA Fitness and Wellness”, a beautiful and warm environment, as well as a rejuvenating experience that you will remember for a long time, awaits you. So, listen to your body needs and book your appointment today.


We work at the tennis courts in Dasia or Corfu Town.

Yes, you can. You can inform the booking manager of your preference or choose the
therapist-trainer you prefer in your online booking.
We recommend you be here at least 10 minutes before your treatment or workout to
familiarize yourself with the environment and
fill in the health questionnaire.
If you cancel in less than 6 hours before the appointment you will be charged 50% of the price. If you cancel in less than 2 hours you will be charged the FULL amount of your treatment or training.